Vote for Mourdock

Congressman Donnelly was nearly beaten in the 2010 election for his seat in Congress by Jackie Walorski. At that time, Donnelly’s congressional district was HEAVILY democratic.  He used some very ugly tactics the last few days of his candidacy which enabled him to survive the election with less than two votes per precinct.  Donnelly’s district now has new boundary lines due to redistricting and now Donnelly’s congressional district has fewer Democrats. Donnelly KNEW he would lose the election to retain his seat in the 2012 election so he is running for Senate.  (It won’t be as humiliating for him to lose in a Senate race than to lose as an incumbent for his congressional seat.) 

Donnelly’s political ad distorts Richard Mourdock’s position which is to preserve and protect Social Security for seniors.  None of the changes State Treasurer Mourdock advocates will change anything for seniors 55 years and over.   We HAVE to make some changes in order for Social Security to survive.  Retirement age needs to be raised as seniors today live longer and are healthier.  

It is an interesting fact that in Donnelly’s 2010 bid for reelection, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock (now running against Donnelly for the Senate seat) got more votes in Donnelly’s own district as an incumbent for Treasurer than Donnelly did for his race.  This should tell you something about the thoughts of people from Donnelly’s own district.

Max Zimmerman

Columbia City

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