UN intervention in US election

The two nut case groups have requested 48 monitors to come into states like Texas and New Mexico. Here is what needs to happen. Anyone reading this needs to understand that The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic owing N O T H I N G to the United Nations. Who the hell do they think they are?

Anyone reading this needs to call US Senator Dan Coats, ( not UN Senator) at 260-426-3151, and US Representative, (not UN Representative) Marlin Stutzman at 260-424-3041 and D E M A N D that the UN get the hell out of our election. They have no business in it in the first place. Then, all of you need to call your friends and neighbors and have them call these two elected US people and demand the same. If you have relatives that might be interested in other states, call them and have them call their elected US Senators and Representatives.

Not only should we get the hell out of the United Nations, we should get them the hell out of our elections. Enough is just enough.

Dave Cooper,


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