Tea Party has very little grip on reality

It was an editorial written by Peggy Noonan and discusses the President’s desire to extend the tax cuts, but only to those earning under $250,000 dollars.

Miss Noonan does not agree with the President. She feels it is an unfair burden on these high income earners, despite the fact that they have so many additional tax loopholes and breaks that the middle class can’t even think of taking.

Miss Noonan says, “Here’s one thing they should be discussing, Mr. Obama wants to raise taxes on those earning $250,000 or more, as we know, on the assumption that they are “the rich.” But if you are a man with a wife and two kids living in Westfield, NJ, in no way do you experience yourself to be rich, because you’re not. You pay Federal Payroll taxes and income taxes, State income and sales tax and local property taxes, and after the mortgage, food and commuting costs you don’t have much to spare.”

I don’t know about you, but for an editorial in the WSJ, I felt it certainly illustrates the difference between the 99 percent of us that make an average of $52,000 and those that make in excess of a quarter million a year.

Miss Noonan evidently seems to think that the rest of us are exempt from all the taxes and items she mentions; well, we are not and they consume a very much larger portion of our income, more like 95 percent of it.

Does she really expect us to sympathize with these hard-done-by individuals? Well, I sure don’t. Most Indiana residents are making do and paying all these same taxes and expenses and are doing it on an average household income of $52,000. I would go so far as to guess that a good many of our residents would gladly swap incomes with some of these people she mentions, and gladly pay more taxes.

So much for Miss Noonan and the Tea Party. They evidently have very little grip on reality.

Roger Bayford,


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