Schilling ousted for Conflict of Interest

Schilling signed a lease agreement to rent his land to Wind Capital Group in June 2010, but did not inform the Plan Commission of the agreement until October 2010.

“Once he was questioned and subsequently admitted it, he was no longer allowed to participate in any meeting or vote in any meeting involving the wind ordinance,” Amber said, when contacted via email last week. “He obeyed that rule until the final meeting in which he not only participated, but voted, a clear case of Conflict of Interest.”

Schilling’s position as a member of the Plan Commission also placed him on the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). The Commissioners’ action to remove him will affect his position with on BZA as well.

In other Board news: 

Whitley County Maintenance Assistant Mark Sturtevant came back to the Board of Commissioners with two additional bids to replace the lamps and ballasts at the Courthouse and Annex. 

At the August 6 Board of Commissioners meeting, a representative from Havel Brothers gave a presentation to the Board regarding higher efficiency lighting and rebates that are currently available and quoted the project at $34,600 after the $2700 rebate. Sturtevant presented the Board with two additional quotes last Tuesday—Ryder Electric for $20,268 after rebate and Whetstone Electric for $23,757 after rebate.

Sturtevant said the current lighting is outdated, expensive and difficult to find because it was no longer produced after July 2012. In addition, the current rebates are only guaranteed through the end of 2012.

“Ryder will give us the most bang for our buck,” Sturtevant said. “We’re not trying to push this through, but it is a project that we’ve been looking at for a few years, but there hasn’t been enough money in the budget.”

Vice Chairman of Commissioners George Schrumpf said that although the changeover in lighting is not yet mandatory, he knows it will be required in the near future and will save money in the long run, so he recommends replacing it sooner rather than later. 

“We’ve put so much money in between the Courthouse and the Jail this year,” Schrumpf said, “and Cum Cap and Rainy Day (funds) are down.”

Schrumpf then motioned to pass the recommendation to the County Council to replace the outdated lighting using Ryder Electric and let the Council decide if they have the ability to fund the project.

Commissioner Schrumpf reported that the County realized a savings of $10,828.43 on office supplies from 2011 to 2012. Schrumpf said he hopes the savings is mainly due to the institution of GovPro, a program that offers up to a 30 percent discount on office supplies.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting will be held at Whitko High School on Monday, September 17 at 1 p.m. 

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