Radio station contest ends at Busco Park

Hot 107.9 from Fort Wayne held a treasure hunt called “Find Frosty” that included weekly clues that contestants used to find the location of the hidden “Frosty snowman.”

On Wednesday the station started giving clues hourly.

At the beginning of the week, the “Frosty” hunters had narrowed down the location to a park in Whitley County. Many folks first went to Columbia City to search that location only to have the hourly clues indicate that “Frosty” was indeed in Churubusco.

Park Superintendent Rick Krider said that people started showing up on Tuesday night and were looking through the park with flashlights in search of the $5,000 token.

Listeners from all over Northeast Indiana swarmed the park on Wednesday. Around 3:30 p.m. Nancy Simmons, from Fort Wayne, found what she thought was “Frosty” hidden behind the letter “I” on the Churubusco Community Park sign at the entrance of the park.

Simmons took the find to the radio station to have it verified. It was the piece that everyone had been looking for.

Simmons said that she would use the money for a nice Christmas for her family.

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