October 10, 2012

Five Years Ago

The Churubusco Town Council voted to move ahead with a planned water treatment upgrade. Water rates would increase 90% over the next three years. 

Governor Mitch Daniels announced that the ISTEP tests would move to the spring. Spring testing was to begin in the 2008-09 academic year.

Tommy Beezley finished third in the final Gas City I-69 Speedway Modified points. He was the champion in ’05 and ’06.

Donald and Virginia Page celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family dinner.

Ray and Kristine Webster announced the birth of their son, Alexander Bryce.

Chase and Jaime Clevenger announced the birth of their daughter, Ellie J.

Ten Years Ago

Missy Shiriaev, a senior at CHS, was named Junior Miss of Whitley County.

Brad Yoder would begin his duties as assistant superintendent/director of curriculum and special services at Smith-Green Community Schools in January of 2003.

Desiree Pequignot was CHS 2002 Homecoming Queen.

Shawn Kelly, Cub Scout member of Pack #3081 was presented with the Boy Scout God & Family Award.

Bud and Diana Bickle celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. A celebration and renewal of the couple’s wedding vows was planned. They were also taking a second honeymoon in Hawaii.

25 Years Ago

The new Whitley County Jail was opened for public tours at an open house and dedication ceremonies. The jail replaced the 112-year- old facility. 

The Churubusco High School Building and Trades class project was a house in Old Mill Place, under the guidance of teacher Robert Miller.

Ramble Inn advertised they were open all night on Fridays and Saturdays.

Vaughn and Tina Fulk announced the birth of their daughter, Emylee Claire.

Greg and Teresa Salesman announced the birth of their daughter, Allyson Lyn.

Jeff and Denise Smith announced the birth of Pamela Renee.

Tammy and Kirk Magnuson announced the birth of Carey Lynne.

50 Years Ago

The Churubusco High School Marching Band, under Director Harold Long, received a rating of “excellent” in the State Marching Contest.

The Churubusco Town Board accepted the bid of Amber Chevrolet for a new police car, replacing the 1958 Chevrolet that was in use.

The State Board of Tax Commissioners trimmed the proposed 1963 rate for Churubusco and Smith Township taxpayers. The original proposed rate was $9.37; the final rate for Churubusco was $8.38.  Smith Township’s final rate was $5.98, down from the proposed rate of $6.31.

The Pennsylvania Railroad published a legal notice of a hearing on an application to dispose of its station building. The railroad had already ceased using the tracks from Churubusco to Columbia City.

There were lots of birth announcements this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wappes announced the birth of daughter, Mary Louise.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Killworth announced the birth of their son, Kevin Earl.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zumbrun announced the birth of their daughter, Donna Joan.

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Riley announced the birth of Pamela Dawn.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Egolf announced the birth of Tracy Lee.

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