Bryan Martin

Martin racing at Limaland

Friday will be an interesting finish to the year at Lima as Bryan is 16 points behind sixth place and just 10 points ahead of eighth so it comes down to the last night of the year.

He also competed at the Kokomo Speedway, Butler, Michigan Speedway and the Waynesfield, Ohio Speedway this year.

Bryan would like to thank his sponsors for this year: Eagle Do It Best, Specialty Tool, Data Flute CNC, Fullerton Tool, Ingersoll Cutting Tools, Jeff’s Auto Repair, Standard Mechanical, Tom Beezley Auto Repair, TLC Detailing by Tommy Cook and Body by Vogts.

He would also like to thank his crew and helpers: Brian Murphy, Bradley Martin, Jason Sloniker, Mike and Katie Zent, Trenton Vogts, Katie Monk, Tommy and Tom Beezley, Grandma Martin and Matson, Kenny Douglas and Mom and Dad.


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