Lee Etzler resignation letter

I have a tremendous sense of pride based on what our program has accomplished. The pride I feel is in no way related to anything personal but due solely from the privilege of being associated with so many talented players and coaches. I remain humbled by their efforts and feel very fortunate to have worked closely with each and every one of them. Busco Football has earned a large degree of respect from the commitment, dedication, and talents of so many of these individuals. 

I would like to thank the parents and community for all of the support given to the football program in my time as the coach. As the reality of my decision continues to set in, I am humbled by thinking about the number of people that have helped, offered support, or just commented on the enjoyment they get from following the program. 

I will profoundly miss the environment of a Friday night football game at Churubusco. I was frequently reminded by people (news media, opposing coaches, etc.) of how great of an atmosphere we had at games. I feel very fortunate to have experienced that for many Friday nights and have real appreciation for the role that played in the building of our program. 

Knowing that I am letting our players down with this decision is something that is very difficult for me to deal with. I do however have confidence that continued success is in the program’s future. 

Our coaches are talented and our players work hard and are physically and mentally tough. None of those things will change by me stepping away from the program. 


Lee Etzler

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