Just the facts, Ma’am

When a bill is written, it is not possible for Congress to write a bill centered around a central theme. For example, if I was a member of the House of Representatives, and wanted to write a bill to set a national speed limit, it should be relatively simple. It would go like this. “It is agreed that a national speed limit on Interstate highways be set at 70 miles per hour.” However, by the time it is worked over by all concerned it would look like this. “It is agreed that a national speed limit on Interstate Highways be set at 70 miles per hour, except during deer hunting season near the Grand Forks, which will require a reduction to 35 miles per hour for the safety of citizens and, of course, the deer. Also, on all Florida Interstates during such time as alligators are crossing to mate. It is agreed that the national speed limit on all Arizona Interstates be reduced to 45 miles per hour in deference to illegal aliens crossing the border onto US soil. Highway funding will be withheld by the Central Government for any state not recognizing the mating habits of endangered species under this Act. Particularly white middle class American males exiting Hooters at 2 a.m. with a blood alcohol rating of .4827691 percent.”

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? The reason some politicians are for, and some are against, is that a bill becomes so congested with items not related to the bill in the beginning. Without actually knowing what the bill is about, what is in it, (Nancy), it is unfair for anyone to comment whether a Congressperson is doing the right thing, or the wrong thing on our behalf.

Until legislation is presented to the American people before being enacted we should all be more prudent in our opinions. The fault, in my opinion, rests on the shoulders of our various elected officials for not keeping us aprised as to what is being debated in Washington. Fifteen second sound bites should not be the norm for us to make a decision that will affect millions of people.

So the next time anyone wants to spout off about how bad Marlin, Dan, Richard, Mike or Joe are, like Joe Friday said, “Just the facts ma’am.”

David E. Cooper


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