Humane Society requests county funding

The Humane Society does some fundraising, but Pease said the efforts often take away from the true purpose of the business to care for and provide homes for the animals in the County.

The cities and towns in Whitley County are also charged a yearly animal fee based on the percentage of animals collected from each entity.

“I honestly think we should be supporting the Humane Society, and I don’t think  $25,000 is out of line,” Chairman of Commissioners Don Amber said. “The shelter is professionally run, the animals are treated well, the staff works hard to get the animals  adopted and it is run on a shoestring budget.”

Amber said that he wrote the $25,000 into the CEDIT budget for 2013-14 to be approved by the Whitley County Council.

Commissioner Tom Rethlake said that the 2013 CEDIT budget was already completed, but it could be adjusted if needed. Rethlake said he would have a tough time voting for the funding, though, without knowing the projected funding for 2014.

“My phone rings more concerning roads than animals,” he said. “I’m not saying you don’t do an excellent job, but priorities are priorities.”

Commissioner Amber then presented the first draft of the 2013-14 CEDIT funding for the Board to consider and vote on at another meeting.

The proposed 2013-14 CEDIT budget includes funding for the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), GIS, on-site/off-site development, county highway road projects and tandem axle truck purchase, Whitley County Council on Aging, website maintenance, courthouse repair, community corrections and the Humane Society.

In other Board news:

Michael Barton of the Whitley County Highway Department spoke with the Board about a proposed $2.2 million interlocal agreement between Allen County and Whitley County Commissioners to partner to create a safer intersection at Liberty Mills Rd. and 900 S. The Allen County Commissioners want to meet with the Whitley County Commissioners to discuss the project; however, Commissioner Don Amber said he isn’t completely on board with the project.

“It’s not really a project that benefits us much now, but it could down the road,” he  said. “I feel battered by two sides over something that isn’t a huge deal. I’d be all for no project. In 30 years, I’ve never worked an accident at 900 S. and County Line.”

“As far as I’m concerned, I haven’t understood from day one the purpose of the project,” said Vice Chairman of Commissioners George Schrumpf.

Barton said that he came up with an alternate idea, which would be to pave 5.5 miles of road on County Line Road (800 E) from HWY 24 to Bass Road, including the intersection at Liberty Mills, for $338,000 with no federal money involved and it would favor both counties.

The next regular scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting will be Monday, December 3 at 1 p.m. at the Whitley County Government Center.

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