Homestead verification

The listing for taxpayers that still need to complete this process is on the  Homepage for Whitley County This list shows taxpayers that are receiving the Homestead Exemption at this time but have NOT submitted  the additional information being required by the State.   The information required  is the last five digits of your Social Security and last five digits of your driver’s  license to verify primary residency in Whitley County. 

If the Homestead Verification paperwork is not received by December  31,2012 the Homestead will be pulled from the property causing an increase to property tax on that parcel effective 2012 pay 2013. 

Please review the list and help notify the citizens of Whitley County. If you  have questions regarding this process or any other exemptions please contact the Whitley County Auditor’s office at 260-248-3100 or

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