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Football ~ Eagles remain undefeated

The Eagles received the ball on the opening kickoff and were plagued with penalties. Churubusco was forced to punt with 9:14 into the first quarter.

“Defense was real fast tonight,” explained Coach Etzler. “Offense was a little disappointing. Too many penalties.”

The Eagles’ tough defense held Angola to only two yards rushing before they had to punt the ball. Cory Miller received the punt and ran the return for 38 yards. Then after a penalty, Miller ran the ball for another 27 yards to the Eagles’ 14 yard line. Jay Petrie then threw the ball for 14 yards to Corey Sarrazin for a Churubusco touchdown.

Again, the Eagles defense took control and Angola had to punt the ball after only getting four rushing yards. Then Jason Nicodemus took control. Nicodemus ran the ball for eight yards, 13 yards, and scored a touchdown on a 44 yard run to make it 13-0 Churubusco.

Angola then went four and out with a penalty and negative two yards. The Eagles got the ball and moved down the field to Angola’s 29 yard line as the time ran out of the first quarter leaving the score 13-0.

The Eagles started the second quarter with a 24 yard run from Nicodemus and Miller took it in for a five yard run making it 20-0 Churubusco. The Eagles defense got two assisted sac’s. One was from Teegan Brumbaugh and Sam Siddons and the other one was from Jacob Geiger and Joe Zumbrun to make the Hornets go four and out.

Churubusco took control on the ground and Kane Johnson picked up 15 yards for the Eagles while Braydon Shively scored on a 36 yard run to make it 27-0 Eagles. The game ended at the half with the score 27-0 Eagles.

Churubusco held Angola while the Eagles ran down the field. Petrie threw a 34 yard pass to Siddons, Miller ran for 10 yards, and Nicodemus ran for 11 yards giving the Eagles another touchdown and a good two point conversion made it 33-0 Churubusco.

In the fourth quarter, the Eagles got a three yard touchdown run from Dakota Labenz to end the game 42-0 Eagles.

“We try to get the kids to understand that there are bigger and better things we want to do by the end of the year and if we aren’t getting better every time we put on the pads, we aren’t going to put ourselves in that position to be successful when we want to be successful,” said Coach Etzler. “I think so far we understand that, but we still have some work to do.”

The Eagles are back in action this Friday against the West Noble Chargers at West Noble.

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