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Football ~ Eagles dominate Panthers, 42-0

Prairie Heights received the opening kickoff and the Eagle defense went right to work. On the second play of the game, the Panthers fumbled and Churubusco’s Brian Richardson came up with the ball on the Prairie Heights’ 15 yard line. On the Eagles’ second play of the series, Jason Nicodemus runs the ball 15 yards for a touchdown making it 7-0 Eagles’ with only 1:03 off the clock. The Eagles defense forced the Panthers to punt. The Eagles worked down the field with a Nicodemus run of seven yards, Cory Miller then ran off 33 yards. A pass from Jay Petrie to Landon Harris for five yards, and a six yard pass to Sam Siddons for another touchdown gave the Eagles a 14-0 lead.

“Pretty pleased tonight,” explained Coach Etzler. “We dropped a few tonight in the passing game. We didn’t look as sharp as we need to be for that.”

The Eagles ran the football down the field in the second quarter. Petrie got a six yard run, Nicodemus made a 12 yard run, Kane Johnson ran for eight, and Nicodemus took the football to the end zone with a 50 yard run to make it 21-0 Eagles. Churubusco received the football after the Eagle defense held Prairie Heights to three and out. The Eagles marched down the field with a 46 yard run by Johnson to set up the 11 yard touchdown pass to Sarrazin to make it 27-0 Churubusco. Another Panther fumble and Eagle recovery put the ball on the Prairie Heights’ 45. After a 17 yard pass to Cody Conwell and 21 yard run by Nicodemus, Miller pushed the ball across the goal line for another Eagle touchdown to end the half 35-0 Churubusco.

“Petrie does a pretty good job back there,” stated Coach Etzler. “He is a smart kid and knows what’s going on on the field.”

The Eagles opened the third quarter with five runs for 38 yards, a 23 yard pass to Sarrazin, and 19 more yards in rushing for another touchdown this time from Conwell to make it 42-0 Eagles. Churubusco held the Panthers to only four plays in the third quarter.

“Overall the game was quick,” said Coach Etzler. “So maybe that helped with the less penalties.”

Praire Heights was able to get two first downs in the fourth quarter, but the Eagles keep them scoreless to end the game 42-0 Churubusco.

“We had some good hits tonight,” stated Coach Etzler. “We need to work on our pass defense for next week against Eastside.”

The Eagles travel to Butler on Friday night to face off against the (2-1) Eastside Blazers.

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