Busco Men’s Golf League final Wednesday night golf scores

Wednesday Gold Div. II

Dusty Clifton and Chris Hatcher 123, Terry Geiger and Andy Norris 117, Ben Shaffer and Vic Trowbridge 98, James Millikan and Vince Schultis 92, Ken Garrison and Dan Alspach 90, Thomas and Tom Brumbaugh 82, Bruce Hoffman and Kevin Cearbaugh 75, Zack Sorg and Ben Simmons 55.

Low Scores

Dusty Clifton 35, Terry Geiger, Thomas Brumbaugh 38, James Millikan 39.

Final Wednesday night

August 22

Black Div. I

Ken Hobson and Ed Bower 111, Tommy Payton and Corie Bursey 105, Lucas Davis and Steve Davis 101, Kevin and Dick Michel 98, Phil Ross and Terry Bock 85, Jack and Martin Dunifon 81, Bill Keim and Andy Candor 33.

Wednesday Black Div. II

Ned Egolf and Brent Gaff 116, Bryan Bianski and Aaron McClure 114, Doug and Bruce Richman 106, Mark Bianski and Billy Tallent 102,  Dod Dodson and Mark Boggs 100, Jeff Stilwell and Chad Stillwell 82, Brian Bridge and Fred Fisher 73, Greg Bianski and Ron Dickerhoff 67.

August 23

Thursday Blue 10 Team

Division I

John Myers and Bryan Bianski 118, Ken Penley and Justin Boersema 118, Cy Imbody and Bruce Wright 115, Bob Lewis and Jim Clugston 112, Tyler Haire and Josh Pancoast 109, Darrell Patton and Mike Akers 85, J. R. Ford and James Ford 82, Errol Creech and Bill Miller 79, Terry and Tyler Shively 76, Everett Zolman and John Clevenger 58.

Low Scores

Cy Imbody 35, Bruce Wright 36, Tyler Haire, Justin Boersema, Tyler Shively 38.

Thursday Blue 10 team

Div. II

Tommy Payton and Corie Bursey 112, John and Jeremy Hart 107, Bob Sloffer and Roger Crooks 106, Kelly Marquardt and Rob Bufkin 106, Jim Corell and Bill Campbell 101, Bob Bufkin and Randy Neith 101, John Barrett and Ted Shoudel 89, Josh Myers and Justin Baily 74, Kyle and Louie Geiger 70, Bill Pappe and Jim Eppelmann 64.

Low Score

Rob Bufkin 39.

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