Fifty years of football at Churubusco

One thing about starting the program with a line coach the boys did get a lot of practice blocking and tackling.  When we went to Concordia for our first game we did not have time to work on a kickoff or kickoff return so we drew that up minutes before the game started.  Unfortunately promising 30 sets of parents their boys were very safe in the armor we had provided for them we had a broken ankle and arm the first game. WE did not win any of the four games we played but two of them did end up in a zero to zero tie so we went 0-2-2. 

The next year we had a freshmen, sophomore and junior team but still no home field.  The local Jaycees decided that they could raise funds and that they would provide the labor and a field was finally ready for the 1965 year where we had our first varsity season, playing our home games on Saturday afternoons.  Good for our opponents as they all got to scout us but we were also able to scout them on Friday nights.  We did not exchange game films back then like they do now.  The first field was located in the outfield of the present baseball diamond. The bleachers came from the inauguration of President Lyndon Johnson.

Our scoreboard was provided by Victor Gasket so we named the field Victor Field. Gross Drainage provided the drainage for the field and the Jaycees planted grass and spent the summer of 1964 watering it.  John and I were both members of the Jaycees. 

The first game on the present field was played Sept. 1973.  A memorable moment in that game was Kenny Liggett ran the opening kickoff 85 yards for a TD. The game was played against Lakeland and the final score was 13-7 in our favor.

Over the years Busco has had periods of good teams and actually the first ten years of varsity football from 1965 to 1974 we had won 48 and lost 40 games playing in the ACAC conference most of those years with Norwell, Woodlan, Leo, Carroll, Southern Wells and Adams Central being a part of that conference at the time.  Non-conference games were played against several of the present opponents of our current schedule.  I think it was 1986 when we changed to the NECC conference.

A special thanks to all the young men and coaches who have been a part of Churubusco football the past fifty years.  With our present football staff and players we are proud to say that Churubusco football is well regarded and respected in NE Indiana and several times in the past years we have made our name known throughout the State. Our 1983 team went all the way to the State finals.  Best of all to Coach Lee Etzler and his fine staff and a special thanks to them for providing the community with many exciting Friday nights. Yes, Friday Night Lights is alive and well in Churubusco.

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