Fall pasture walk scheduled at Don Woll farm

Don Woll has actively installed several erosion controlling practices on his farm over the last couple of years. A newly constructed stream crossing will be the main topic of conversation during this fall pasture walk.  Stream crossings for livestock are very important for good water quality.  This crossing was designed so cattle and small equipment could all cross without impacting water quality.

Woll also used livestock excluding fence to keep cattle out of a county ditch.  The cattle had been using the open ditch as a source of water.  Now that the following conservation practices have been installed, the cattle are given a much smaller area protected by stone in order for them to get the water from.  The fencing  has  dramatically improved the condition of the eroded stream banks previously damaged by the cattle crossing randomly up and down the stream bank.

Additional items to be looked at during the pasture walk will be a sediment basin that was designed as an alternative watering source  for livestock, new  exterior fencing and reseeded pastures.

Pasture walks are excellent venues for the sharing of information on grazing experiences, improving an operation, and maximizing forage benefits.

Local farmers host these events using a casual meeting format that allows for interaction between the participants, networking, discussion and the sharing of personal experiences.

To reach the Woll farm, take US 30 to 400 W (approximately 3 miles west of Columbia City) and turn south. Travel approximately one mile, crossing railroad tracks. The farm is located on the East side of County Road 400 W.

Parking will be allowed on the west side of the road; however, if conditions are wet, please park on the roadside. Please watch for field day signs. 

There is no charge for this event. It will take place outdoors, so please come prepared for weather conditions. For additional information, contact the Whitley County SWCD office at (260) 244-6266, ext. 3 or the Kosciusko County SWCD office at (574) 267-7445, ext. 3.

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