Distinguished Young Woman scholarship awards

Corinne Kauffman, Columbia City High School (CCHS) received $700 for being named the second Distinguished Young Woman of Whitley County since the national name change of two years ago. Kauffman also won $200 for winning the talent category and $200 for winning the fitness category. By the vote of the 2013 participants, Kauffman was named the Spirit winner. The Spirit award carries a $200 cash scholarship supported by Carrie Gates, Columbia City.

Other category winners were Jenna Shambaugh of Churubusco High School (CHS) who was named First runner-up winning $350. Shambaugh also won the panel interview and self expression categories, each carrying a $200 cash scholarship. Second runner-up was Tiffany Schuman of Whitko High School (WHS). She won a $250 cash scholarship. The scholastics award, a $200 cash scholarship, was won by Laura Hippensteel of WHS.

The Board of Directors of DYW program of Whitley County has as its financial representative the Whitley County Community Foundation. All of the cash scholarships are from donations from individuals and businesses and the program attendance. The cash scholarships are dispersed from the foundation by its treasurer directly to the category winner’s college choice.

Other participants in the September 8 program were Megan Deutsch, Amelia Roman, Claire Kauffman, Kirstie Crisp and Jackie Leeuw all of CCHS, Emily Folland, CHS, and Chelsee Christoffel and Haylee Gardner, WHS. Each of the program participants received their fitness outfits from the Board of Directors of Whitley County DYW.

The DYW of Whitley County is a voluntary program and is open to all high school senior girls either living in the county or attending a county high school. The next program for those who will graduate in 2014 will likely be in September 2013. For further information either visit the national website at Distinguished Young Woman or call 260-244-7467.

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