Churubusco Police Report for October 28-November 3

October 29

07:00 Stationary radar on Line Street.

07:18 Verbal warning for speed on Line Street.

13:10 Sig. 8 Lassus in reference to an abandoned vahicle. Made contact with owner. Lives in Garrett. Will move.

17:30 County requesting backup in 6400 block of old 102. Numerous units from State, Noble and County. 10-23 Disregarded.

18:50 Report of dog running on Weston and Windsor. Dog belongs at address on Windsor. Cited owner for dog running and told him to get dog.

19:40 Sig. 8 Millstone in reference to female nipped by above dog.

20:15 Checked to see if dog owner was looking for dog. He wasn’t. Told him to get dog or get arrested. Also needs to bring in proof of shots.

October 30

10:00 Issued citation for expired plates.

12:01 Welfare check at 5240 N. East Drive. Subject didn’t show up for work. Everything ok.

14:45 Mediacom in to fix phone line.

15:00 School detail.

15:30 Subject in for crash report.

15:40 Gun permit.

16:30 Possible 10-55 in Collins. Unable to locate.

16:50 Stationary radar at 500 W. Whitley.

17:30 Lockout at school.

October 31

09:00 Subject in for crash report.

09:45 Subject on West Pleasant called in. Someone cut the chain to his dog pen last night.

17:30 All units on duty for Halloween.

19:30 All units off duty.

November 1

07:40 School detail.

12:45 Stationary radar at Main and Clingerman.

14:45 School detail.

16:00 Check with dog owner from two days ago to see if it has shots. Said grandma will be home in a few days. She will know.

17:00 Personal Injury crash at 205 and 33. Citation for disregarding auto signal and no proof of insurance. 

November 2

07:30 Stationary radar on Line and Washington streets.

08:00 Checked bank.

08:20 Out at Valero for video.

08:35 Subject at station in reference to where their Jeep was towed.

09:25 Trying to locate a subject that was possible shoplifting at Dollar General to warn them to not go back to the store.

11:00 Completed crash report from yesterday.

14:30 Complaint of trash being left in yard after owner moved out on East Street. No trash found. 

16:00 Sig. station in reference to missing child.

16:05 Trying to locate.

16:39 Located at grandmas.

18:00 Stationary radar at 500 W. Whitley Street.

18:45 Verbal warning for speed.

November 3

01:57 Verbal warning for speed.

03:46 Verbal warning for disregarding auto signal.

06:30 Training.

10:30 Training completed.

11:45 Issue with a gun permit.

14:38 Report of speeding vehicle on 33 and McDuffee roads northbound. Stopped vehicle and warned for driving habits.

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