Churubusco Police Report for November 4-10

November 5

01:17 Citation for speed.

07:40 School detail.

0800 Lockout at school.

8:20 Stationary radar Main and Clingerman.

09:00 Training.

11:00 Smell of amonia at Vandalia Apartments. Someone cleaning vacant apartment.

11:45 Funeral detail.

14:30 C.P. on station in reference to two different tips on juvenile drinking and another one using chew. Info given to S.R.O.

16:00 Received complaint of loud four-wheeler east side of Thresher Ridge late at night. Forward info to third shift.

17:00 Watched light at Main and Whitley.

20:00 Speeding vehicle passing C&A white SUV. Unable to locate.

20:05 Report of a door-to-door salesman on S. Washington Street. Took off before arrival. Unable to locate.

22:41 Sig. 8 Residence on W. Whitley in reference to harassing texts. Called subject sending texts. Told her to quit.

22:45 Ran traffic in Thresher Ridge.

November 6

03:32 Unwanted party at residence on Clearview. Subject called son to pick him up.

07:30 School detail.

09:45 Vin check.

11:15 Funeral detail.

12:10 VIN check.

12:59 Subject from crash last week called looking for license. Told her to pick up at Police Department.

14:10 Above subject in to pick up license.

18:30 Audible alarm at Light House. No problem.

18:45 Property damage. Crash in front of funeral home.

20:15 Out on Windsor checking to see if dog had shots.

November 7

06:18 Reckless driver westbound from Byrie Road. White passenger car all over road. Found at Whitley and Mulberry still westbound. Driver arrested for O.W.I. and left of center.

09:30 Records check for military.

21:00 Stationary radar S. Main Street.

21:00 Verbal warning for speed.

November 8

15:00 School detail.

17:00 Injured deer near 7020 E. U.S. 33 had been shot with an arrow. Gave deer kill permit to neighbor.

18:15 Female on station about domestic dispute on West Whitley. Subject doesn’t feel safe. Will be staying elsewhere. Recommended protective order.

21:00 Disabled semi liquor store curve. Traffic control.

21:20 Speeding vehicle going by McDonald’s.

21:23 Vehicle arrived at my location. Verbal warning given for driving habits.

    23:59 Got semi in Turtle-town lot.

November 9

06:45 Defensive tactics training.

15:00 School detail.

15:10 Speeding vehicle going by Police Department. Unable to locate.

November 10

09:00 Stationary radar S. Main Street.

17:24 Stationary radar Whitley and Windsor.

18:43 Possible fight PNC Bank parking lot. Nothing found.

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