Churubusco Police Report for December 3-9

08:50 – Lockout on Windsor Drive.

09:05 – Spoke again with Det. Vogley.

09:30 – Radar Washington and Line Streets.

09:52 – Suspicious truck in Fort Financial lot. Occupied, running and tinted windows. Turns out it was a customer waiting on someone.

15:00 School detail.

16:20 – Reckless driver, blue Saturn, coming in on 205 from Duglay.

16:25 – Sig. 27 Above vehicle. Warned of driving habits.

20:15 – Watched traffic at Main and Whitley Streets.

December 4

07:40 – School detail.

09:45 – Junk vehicle complaint on Short Street. Advised them of ordinance. Will have it running within a week.

December 5

07:40 – School detail.

10:15 – Assist with an eviction on Whitley Street resident. Already gone.

15:02 – Assist Whitley County with minor personal injury crash at 33 and 550 N.

16:07 – Report of driver disregarding stop arm c/p.

Followed a suspect to an address on Windsor Drive. Told driver I would check with bus driver before proceeding further.

2055 – Radar at Main and Washington Streets.

21:30 – Assisted Whitley County with property damage crash at U.S. 33 and Blue Lake Road.

22:15 – REMC arrived at crash site. They are requesting traffic assistance when the rest of their equipment arrives.

23:15 – Out with REMC.

December 6

07:30 – School detail.

07:40 – Trooper Stuckey in an unmarked vehicle, called in a driver passing in a no passing zone.

07:47 – Issued a citation to the driver for passing where not permitted.

08:30 – 92-6 – Spoke with bus driver about earlier stop arm violation and he advises a citation will be issued. Driver will pick it up Sunday when 92-6 is working.

13:00 – Lockout at Brevins.

14:15 – Tx dispatch in reference to a wanted subject at Vandalia. Called in  by a Ligonier officer. Subject gone on my arrival.

14:32 – Observing Vandalia for subject to return.

December 7

01:15 – Barking dog complaint on Wheatfield. Told owner to quiet dog.

07:30 – School detail.

12:00 – Funeral detail.

December 8

03:30 – CP on Charlotte Avenue. Advise their house on S. R. 205 has had acid poured on the floor. Nothing found.

14:04 – Lockout on Weston Avenue. Two small children in vehicle.

15:57 – Werbal warning for speed at U.S. 33 and Carlin Court.

December 9

12:00 – Issued citations for speed and DWS infraction.

13:35 – Subject in to pickup stop arm violation ticket.

18:24 – Out with a suspicious vehicle in park. Everything ok.

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