Churubusco Police Report for December 17-23

11:10 Lockout on Edgewood.

12:30 Took squad to J&K for radio repair.

13:05 Lost plate report.

14:50 School detail.

16:30 Property damage crash in front of 829 Wheatfield Ct.

17:00 Albion detective on station to pickup interview video.

18:30 Radar Turtle Town Plaza.

December 18

05:09 Reckless driver southbound from US 33 and County Line. Red Porsche, warning for driving habits.

06:35 Sig. 8 Dollar General in reference to employee arriving early.

07:30 School detail.

09:18 Suspicious vehicle pulling into driveways on Windsor Drive. Stopped on Douglas Avenue. Carpet layers. Looking for right house.

11:05 Lifetime firearms permit.

16:00 Call lady in reference to her license suspended for wrong info on crash report. Wasn’t us. It’s a BMV or insurance company mistake.

December 19

00:01 People in park looking for some radio station snowman contest. Told them park was closed.

07:30 School detail.

07:35 Meet Wayne Krider behind school in reference to info on thefts.

09:00 Lifetime firearms permit.

11:15  CP in to report atttempted phone scam. A foreigner telling her on phone that she was going to be arrested for fraud. Trying to extort money.

14:00 Park being torn up by people looking for the radio station’s snowman.

16:00 Citation for disregarding stop sign.

December 20

08:00 School lockdown. U2 & U3 on scene.

08:30 U1 on scene at school.

22:20 Sig. 28

22:43 Found doors open on buses. Everything ok.

December 21

02:39 Assist County alarm at Eagle Lumber. False alarm.

03:39 Assist County in reference to a slide-off on 33 south of 700N. AllPRO pulled out.

07:06 10-90 at Dollar General. Everything ok.

09:52 Medic assist on Pleasant Street.

11:40 Low hanging wire on Pleasant Street. Pulled it off road.

14:15 School detail.

15:30 Radar N. Main Street.

16:30 Horse loose at 400N. and 850 E. They got it.

17:30 Out at Farmers & Merchants while they close.

18:15 Anonymous note left about a suspended driver.

21:15 Property damage crash on U.S. 33 in front of C&A. They got out and were gone.

22:18 Sig. 28.

December 22

00:31 Verbal warning for speed.

04:13 Verbal warning for speed.

07:50 Check suspicious vehicle on Commerce Drive at the turnaround. Everything ok.

14:30 Welfare check of subject on Pleasant Street. He’s ok.

December 23

02:23 Criminal mischief behind Lucky Lady. Someone broke a window of a car. There is a suspect and it’s under investigation.

03:20 Citation for speed.

03:42 Citation for speed.

04:10 Citation for speed.

12:05 C.P. in about criminal mischief earlier.

17:50 Sig. 8 CVS in reference to theft.

23:13 Assist medics on Blue Lake Road. Possible combative patient. No problem.

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