Cheers, Jeers & Whatabouts ~ August 29, 2012

CHEERS TO: The current CES fifth graders. They were given a challenge as fourth graders to tie or beat the best ever CES Science I-Step score. Their class score came in at 86 percent passing, a new record high at CES by two percent. They enjoyed some time at the splash pad to celebrate. Thanks for all your efforts and hard work. You rock and science rules!

-Liz Schemm,

K-5 Science Specialist

Churubusco Elementary School

CHEERS AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO: The Churubusco Public Library Board, staff and the community for the wonderful retirement celebration last Saturday. I will miss each and everyone of you but know you are in good hands with Rachel and wish you all a fantastic future. Again, Thanks for the memories and we’ll be seeing you soon.

-Carol M. Scherer,

Library Director (soon to be retired)

JEERS TO: The woman driving while talking on her cell phone Thursday morning as I was trying to cross the street to get my son with autism who had taken off and was crossing U. S. 33 with heavy traffic. I am sure her phone call was much more important than safe driving or my son’s life.

-Bruce Pisarsky

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