Carroll Road getting additional repairs

By Ryan Schwab

HUNTERTOWN — A section of Carroll Road near the Carroll High School campus is set for reconstruction in 2017.

The Huntertown Town Council approved a second project at its meeting on Dec. 19 to repair another section of Carroll Road, closer to the S.R. 3 intersection. In October, Dan Avery, executive director with the Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinating Council (NIRCC), spoke to the council, asking them to prioritize some road and trail projects to consider for construction seasons beginning in 2021.

The council considered two sections of Carroll Road, one on each side of S.R. 3, as well as a trail project. The trail project, however, was not approved by the council. The financial details of the project will be approved at a later date, but the town would only be responsible for 20 percent of the project costs. The council only approved moving forward with submitting the project to NIRCC.

According to documents provided in October, the first section of Carroll road to be repaired begins on the east side of Bethel Road and extends 1,900 feet east, to a point where Allen County takes over jurisdiction near the Allen County Fairgrounds.

The second section starts on the east side of the intersection of Carroll Road and S.R. 3 and continues east to the town limits, adjacent to Pathway Community Church, totaling 2,300 feet.

The estimated total project cost is just over $3.6 million. With an 80/20 split, the town’s cost is estimated at $725,000. The council is also investigating a short-term repair project for that stretch of road, fearing it’s current condition won’t survive the 5-year wait, which would cost an estimated $75,000.

The trail project, totaling 2.79 miles, started at the intersection of Carroll Road and Bethel Road, heads north to Hathaway Road, turns east to an abandoned railroad right of way and then back north to Woods Road meeting at Huntertown Family Park. Estimated cost of the trail was $2.6 million, with the town being responsible for $525,000.

Bids for the 2017 Carroll Road project are set to be open in January. The estimated cost is around $2 million. The town would only be responsible for 20 percent.

The project calls for a complete reconstruction of the roadway between Carroll Creek and Bethel Road, while the roadway between Carroll Creek and Preserve Boulevard will be milled and resurfaced. A new storm sewer system and a sidewalk will be installed on the north side of the road as well as at the intersection of Bethel Road.

Lighting upgrades will also be made at two intersections: Carroll Road and Bethel Road and Carroll Road and Carroll Creek Run, directly in front of Carroll High School.

Construction would start about 60 days after the bid opening and construction is scheduled to be complete before the end of 2017.

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