Budget becoming concern for staff

The teachers were concerned that the Elementary administration may be effected in upcoming budget cuts, specifically Principal Shelly Miller and Assistant Principal Nicole Veit.

Teacher Janet Thomas began by praising Miller and Veit saying that the two have transformed the Elementary School into a great place for the kids and teachers alike. She urged the School Board not to make cuts to the two administrator positions.

Janet Lantz told the Board that she was a teacher at Smith-Green and also has a child that attends Churubusco Elementary. She thanked the Board for their open enrollment policy. She also said that Miller and Veit do a great job and hoped that the Board wouldn’t cut either one of their positions.

Smith-Green, like every other school system in the State, has to make hard decisions about their budget very soon. The School Board has avoided cutting staff, but less money will be coming in this year and more possible reductions next year. Interim Superintendent Ralph Bailey thanked the women and told them that he appreciated their input. He said that the Board will try to make decisions that will make everyone happy, but they have to do what’s best for the school and students.

In other Board news:

• The Board approved the rebidding of Item 21 (High School Secure Entry Addition) along with the (American Disabilities Act) locker rooms from the High School Addition and Renovation project that began this fall.

The Board received a recommendation from Moake Park Group Inc. to award the project to Fetters Construction for a bid of $345,300.00. Board member Mike Sturgis made the motion to accept the bid. Board member Nick Uecker seconded. The vote was 4-0 with board member Tanya Young absent.

• The High School graduation date was set on a recommendation by High School Principal Jim Folland. This year’s date is June 7 barring a large number of snow days.

• Approved Clint Davis transferring from Assistant/JV Baseball Coach to Baseball Assistant Coach with a stipend of $1,875. Also transferring from Girls JV Basketball Coach to Volunteer Assistant Basketball Coach is Denny Beucler.

• Hired Jeff Perlich and Chip Maples as Assistant/JV Baseball Coaches at a stipend of $937.50 each and Dustin Beucler as Girls JV Basketball Coach. Beucler will earn a stipend of $2,380.50.

• Landon Keener was honored as Churubusco Elementary School’s Spotlight on Success student. Landon’s teachers say that he is a great helper and leader and is always willing to help out in the classroom and to do jobs asked of him. Landon is the son of Dane and Freedom Keener.

The next regular Board meeting is on Monday, November 19 at 7 p.m. in the Administration Building.

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