Beat Big Daddy winners

Tim Colone still leads the yearly contest with 98 points, five better than Cary Blake who has 93 points. Steve Brumbaugh has 92 points and rounding out the top five are Robin McCormick, Bobby Brumbaugh and Steve Stefantos all with 91 points. 

Duffitt, Norris perfect in week eleven 

Ralph Duffitt and Gary Norris picked perfect sheets in week eleven. Duffitt wins the weekly by use of the tiebreaker and he will receive an “I Beat Big Daddy” t-shirt for his efforts. There were 25 players tied for second with 12 correct picks. 

Tim Colone remains in the lead with 110 points on the season. Cary Blake is in second with 104 points. Third place belongs to Steve Stefanatos, Robin McCormick and Steve Brumbaugh all with 103 points. 

Brian Bridge wins week twelve 

The week twelve winner is Brian Bridge. He went 10-3 on the week tying with five others and winning with the tiebreaker. With the win Bridge will receive an “I Beat Big Daddy” t-shirt. 

Robin McCormick, Jon Brumbaugh, Leslie Wegman, Curt Bonar and myself all had ten correct picks and 15 players had nine games correct. 

Tim Colone leads the yearly with 117 points. Robin McCormick takes over second place with 113 points. Cary Blake and Steve Brumbaugh are in third with 112 points. Leslie Wegman and Steve Stefanatos have 111 points and six players are tied with 109 points. I have moved into the top 25, a long way back with 104 points. 

Things are getting tighter as we head for the stretch run. Good luck to all and let’s see who can “Beat Big Daddy” in week 13.

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