Beat Big Daddy, weeks 4 and 5

The week four winner was Jay Clark. He tied Charlie Hansen but won on the tiebreaker. Both contestants had 13 correct picks but Clark was closer in total points. He will receive a “Beat Big Daddy” t-shirt for winning week four. John Schmidt, Dana Schmidt, and Tim Colone all had 12 picks right followed by several with 11 correct picks.

In week five, Greg Blake edged Justin Blake and Ralph Duffitt as he won by the tiebreaker; all three had 12 correct picks. They were followed by nine players who had 11 right picks and 42 players who picked 10 correct games.

Cary Blake still holds the lead after five weeks but the gap is closing. Blake has 51 points on the season followed by Tim Colone with 50 points. Rod Strayer holds down third with 48 points and five players are tied with 47. They are Jeremiah Hansen, Jay Clark, Jason Eminger, Steve Stefanatos, and Jon Brumbaugh.

Closing out the top ten are Joey Meriwether, Jeff Blake, Robin McCormick, Ty Keener, Curt Bonar, Justin Blake, Joe Blake, and Jason Richards.

I have yet to get double digits in wins this season and I am way back in 60-something place but hey, there is still a lot of season left. Good luck to all and let’s see who can Beat Big Daddy in week six.

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