Staff Sergeant Christopher Cruser

Anti-bullying program Churubusco High School

The Army representatives personalized bullying by talking about how bullying has affected other students across the nation, and they encouraged the students to commit themselves to take a stand against bullying

Kim Burns, counselor for grades 4-8, and Jodi Metzger, counselor for grades 9-12, helped organize the program. According to Burns, the program ties into the “Pillars of Character” or “Character Counts” program which is integrated into grades K-12. The six pillars are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. “Students are familiar with the pillars,” Burns said, “and this presentation ties in how we treat each other with character values very nicely.”

“This program is part of our ‘bigger picture’ of Character Counts,” CJSHS Principal Jim Folland said. “We are trying to promote positive relationships within our building, therefore making them better future citizens.”

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