Americans short-changed in Washington, D.C.

God fearing God knowing men. The Constitution is a short simple document recognizing the rights of man as given by God. The problem throughout our history, however, is when The Man, attempts to supplant The God and implement Man’s wisdom for God’s wisdom. It has never worked, and never will work. Remember Jimmy Carter?

The United States of America is now faced with a crushing financial problem. The people charged with fixing it are the people who created it.

That instills a lot of confidence in me. The current occupant of the White House, The Anointed One, claims to have the answers. Well, he doesn’t.

Any input he can make is based on ideas that are given him by those who have created the mess. And the Speaker of the House, a Republican? I don’t know what he has done in the private sector that qualifies him either.

The COOTWH said in July 2008, “The fiscal policies of the Bush administration are ‘irresponsible,’ and ‘unpatriotic.’ Borrowing money on a credit card issued by The Bank of China.” He actually said that. So, what has changed?

One thing that has changed is the assault on the successful. It is called class warfare. Class warfare is a hallmark of the Socialists. Those darn Jews. Hitler said he would take care of them alright. Who do they think they are to be making more money than blond haired, blue eyed native Germans? Those greedy capitalists in Russia? Stalin was going to put them in their place. Boy, did he ever! So did his buddy in Italy, Mussolini.

The leaders, or supposed leaders, in Washington, DC have overlooked the most basic and fundamental asset they have to solve the fiscal crisis.

America’s business leaders. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, the now deceased Steve Jobs. How about Dick Conrow? These men built their businesses on hard work, ingenuity, and their own faith in themselves. They could give the anointed one, and John Boehner some very good advice. Like, don’t spend more than you have. Don’t borrow more than you can repay. The class warfare folks think that Bill, Steve, and Dick should give it to me because I don’t have as much as them.

We all know that a deal will be struck. Agreed to by both sides and called “A good deal for everybody. All sides got something.” The COOTWH suscribes to a philosophy called ‘Nudge.’ That says that you have to recognize that you will not get everything you want so ‘nudge’ the competition just a little bit in your direction. At least get ‘something.’

We can get the rest later by ‘nudging’ them farther. That is what I think will happen. Forget scrapping the 76,000 page tax code. Forget writing a budget like the anointed one has not done since in office. Forget about visiting all the duplicitous and wasteful programs. No, let’s not do something that actually makes sense.

Do I know all that is being discussed? No. Do I know if the talks are in good faith? No. Do I know if the best interests of the American people are in front of the leaders? No, I do not. I do not know any of these things. What I do know is we as Americans have been, and continue to be short changed by Washington, DC.

Maybe the answers were in those two great libraries that were burned.

Perhaps the answers are right in front of our leaders if they would care to look. Since Steve is dead, maybe they could ask Bill or Dick. Those two would know.


Dave Cooper


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