Your view: Smith-Green financial woes

The following comments were posted on the Churubusco News Facebook page, on a video of Monday’s public forum hosted by Smith-Green Community Schools. Read more about this topic on pages 1 and 2:

Holli Humer Seabury: I am happy to pay more taxes. Our taxes are very low here and keeping our kids in a local, high-quality school should be the first priority of any community.

Angela Enright: I’ll pay the taxes. If that means our kids don’t get shipped off! I’ll still have kids there for (the last 18) the next 12 years!

Bri Earle: We moved into Central Noble district three years ago, but continue to transport to ‘Busco because of the opportunities and the love for the community. Take those opportunities away, and what will you have?

Crista Krider: It’s simple. Pay the taxes or our kids go to Columbia City, and the community disappears. We will pay.

Jonathan Neil Benson: We have to do what’s best for our kids and the community.

John Schmidt: Can’t imagine not having ’Busco football on Friday nights.

Patrick Denham: Don’t mind paying extra taxes if that what it takes to keep our school a-going.

Dan Peters: You do understand that that same tax increase hits those senior citizens that can not always afford an increase on a fixed income.

Amanda Stoner-Kiefer: Whatever it takes…!!!! I do not want my kids going to Columbia City.

Mike Driver: I will do whatever it takes to keep my kids going to ’Busco. Lets keep our community strong.

Kari Cain: Plain and simple we need to do what we need to do as a community to keep our kids at ’Busco. If we start sending our kids to other schools it’s not only going to hurt our kids but also our community as as whole. We have kids coming here from outside our area because of how strong our school and programs are. Now the question remains what can we do as as community do to keep our kids at ’Busco so we don’t have to consolidate?

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