You really have to wonder

You have to wonder when liberal friends and family who carefully follow their news sources know little to nothing about the resignation of self-avowed communist Van Jones (special advisor to President Obama), or the gigantic ACORN corruption scandal or the eighty-three to seven senate vote to cut off funds (billions of your tax dollars) to ACORN or the 9/12 march on Washington D.C. that drew 1.7 million people. These all should have been front page and top coverage news stories. If you listen to Fox News or talk radio you would know. Why does the mainstream media want to keep you from knowing these things?

You have to wonder when NBC finally does cover the ACORN scandal a week late, they spin it as a relishing revengeful attack by Republicans rather than the scandalous and illegal actions of a government funded organization and their questionable ties to President Obama.

And you really have to wonder if conservatives managed to get a black president elected (I can think of three off hand I would vote for in a second) would liberals never disagree or speak up because they would be considered racists.

You just really have to wonder.


Sharon Jones,


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