Yoder week five winner of Beat Big Daddy

The season lead tightened up as Gary Norris and Jeremiah Hansen pulled up into a tie with Mitch Hoffman for first place with 56 points. Charlie Hansen and Tom Brumbaugh hold down second place with 55 points. In third place is Leslie Wegman, Steve Stefanatos, Chad Keener and Ralph Duffitt with 54 points. 

It has been a big turnover in the NFL with the upstart Detroit Lions now 5-0 and the perennial powerhouse Indianapolis Colts starting the season 0-5. This makes for an exciting year as there are new powers in the NFL and it makes it a bit of a challenge to get the right picks. 

I am in 39th place just waiting to make my midseason run to the top.  I wish you all good luck in week six and let’s see who can Beat Big Daddy! 

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