‘World-famous’ ’Busco pork burgers raise money for athletic teams

By Tyler Roebuck


CHURUBUSCO — As you walk into a Churubusco football game, it is nearly impossible to avoid the wafting smell of meat on the grill and the delectable smoke rising above the field.

Every year since the early 2000s, ’Busco football fans have enjoyed the “world-famous” pork burgers at home games. The burgers are not only delicious — they help raise funds for the sports teams that grill them.

’Busco began selling the pork burgers in the early 2000s, and the popularity has grown ever since.

“Many coaches don’t like doing traditional fundraising,” Athletic Director Chris Paul said. “The teams get a dollar for every one they sell, and people will be buying them anyway. Having the kids do it gives them a sense of accomplishment, especially a month ago when it was 90 (degrees) out.”

While only adults do the grilling, the team members help unwrap the burgers before they go on the grill, place grilled burgers into buns and wrap them in foil.

“It’s hard work, but if it gets them an extra shirt or maybe some more softballs, it’s worth a Friday night’s work,” Paul said.

Former baseball coach Mark Grove remembers the beginning of the pork burger story.

“The Pork Producers of Noble County met with our AD many years ago and they started cooking and then it grew from there,” he said.

As the burgers grew in popularity, so too did the energy around them. Announcer Scott Duffett has been a driving force for the burgers.

“We’ve been doing pork burgers here for years, and they cook ‘em up just right and they’re delicious. I announce them as the world-famous delicious Churubusco pork burgers because it gets the crowd fired up,” he said.

The popularity, Grove says, is because, “they’re different.”

“When they first started out, nobody had ever heard of a pork burger or knew what it was,” he said. “After that, people started liking them, and on a good fall night they taste pretty good going down.”

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