Who is responsible to educate children about the internet?

My main concern has remained the same since the first time I heard of the incident: What happens when someone shows these pictures to my grandchildren who are students at Smith-Green Community Schools? Another question to consider:  Are high school students role models for younger students?  If the answer is yes, how do we respond when young children are exposed to examples of inappropriate behavior by their role models? I sincerely hope that all parents are prepared for the time when suggestive pictures are shown to their children and are able to respond appropriately.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised by or concerned about the behavior of high school girls at a slumber party. I am concerned, however, when young people aren’t educated about the dangers of allowing suggestive photographs to be taken or the consequences of posting pictures on the Internet. Whose responsibility is it to do the educating? The parents? The school? The church?

I haven’t personally seen the pictures. Perhaps I’m overreacting. What do you think?

Sue Lewis

Fort Wayne, IN  

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