Whitley County Junior Miss Community Day

An individual can purchase a coupon book for $5 from any one of the board members of WCJM. The $5 paid for the coupon goes directly into the scholarship account of WCJM at WCCF and the purchaser receives the coupon book with the designated discounts. Coupons can be used on regular and sale price merchandise throughout the store all day on Saturday, Nov. 14.

The coupon book contains one $10 off coupon on a single regular or sale price merchandise item. There are six coupons which offer 20 percent off on a single regular or sale price item and a 30 percent off “early bird” coupon for the sale day.

“This coupon book has some really good deals,” said Cindy Hart, chairman of the fundraiser. “The coupon book has a much greater value than $5. It really is a win-win situation. The purchaser of the coupon book can get a lot of Christmas shopping done at reasonable prices and the Junior Miss scholarship funds benefits.”

To purchase coupon books contact can be made with one of the following members of the WCJM Board of Directors. They are: Sherri Bowyer, Dr. Jeffrey Brookes, Cindy Hart, Michelle Shiriaev Love, Susan McClish, Anne Rentschler, Denice Spencer, Pam and Jim Thompson, Laurel Steill and Debra Wilkinson, or by calling 244-7467. 

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