Whitley County hires new probation officer

As of Jan. 3, he is the county’s newest juvenile probation officer.

After graduating from Ball State University’s journalism program in the winter of 2005, he spent nearly five years covering police, court, government and education news in Whitley County for “The Post & Mail.”

In October of last year, he was hired by “The Journal Gazette” as a police reporter, but shortly thereafter was offered a chance to be a probation officer in Whitley County.

His last day as a full-time at “The Journal Gazette” was Jan. 2, but he will remain a part-time employee, working three nights a week in Fort Wayne until the newspaper hires a new full-time police reporter. 

“I loved being a police and court reporter the last few years and having the chance to work at “The Journal,” but it will hopefully be equally enjoyable to now be involved in things that in the past I could only observe,” Meyers said.

With a strong background in writing and information gathering skills, he looks forward to being able to still use those skills while gathering information for his probation reports. 

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