Whitley County Chapter AARP holds November meeting at Woodlands

The minutes were read and approved.  Jeanette Zumbrun gave the treasurer’s report.

Judith Hicks reminded us today is election day, and that we need to vote if we haven’t already voted.  It is a very important right to support our Constitution.

Wilma Bender’s husband has been released from the nursing home and is now at home.

Bonnie Hazen read some presidential trivia.  George Washington was unanimously elected and didn’t represent any political party.  Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington D.C.  James Madison at only 5’4″ was the shortest president.  Franklin Pierce was the first to have a Christmas tree in the White House. Finally, James Buchanan was never married.

The Bear Creek Farms trip on December 9 is $35. The production will be “Homestead Holidays.”  Reservations need to be made to Betty Mink (723-6044) by December 1.

New board members appointed for 2011 are:  Cathy Hinen, Jennie Childs, Barb Hawn and Lola Zumbrun.

The nominating committee will be Corrine Maggard, Mary Lou Zuber and Martha Meier, Chairman.

Bonnie Hazen sent a thank you note to Clyde Hall and Curt Sylvester and included a copy of the photo and newspaper article.

We were treated to a musical program given by Alicia and Marvin Evans.

Refreshments were served by Bonnie Hazen.

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