Where is their repudiation?

We hear what a nice guy Tom Hayhurst is and that Brad Ellsworth was a sheriff at one time, but not one single word about the Progressive agenda their out-of-control party is jamming down the people’s throat. Nothing at all as their elite Washington leaders steal our hope, freedom and money by transforming America into a spread-the-wealth country along the lines of the failed European Socialist models.

Where is their repudiation of the Nanny State that increasingly is telling the little people how to eat, think, and just plain how to exist? Where is their repudiation of the Obama/Pelosi/Reed efforts to transform our economy into one large government enterprise that will be as fruitful as the post office? Fannie Mae and Amtrack. These Progressive lemmings say nothing at all about rolling back the thousands of pages of legislation that are destroying our freedom to control our finances, health care and children’s educations.

The Washington radicals will not allow them to speak of their wrong doings. They cannot talk about their parties rejection of a competitive, free market capitalism which supports social equality and opportunity, generates real wealth, and creates productive jobs. That is unlike their stimulus jobs that cost you and me $2 million each. They can no more speak of the massive debt under which they are burying our children, than they could vote against the radical Obama/Pelosi/Reed leadership team’s continuation. All of the bluedogs running for office are too weak and dependent upon the radical left wing of their party to deliver the kind of change moderate and conservative Hoosiers expect.

Michael Lewinski

Pleasant Lake, IN

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