Whatever you do, remember to vote

The last fourteen days we will be slammed with negative ads from just about every campaign making the other guy out to be a really bad guy, or girl. He did this, she did that, he voted this way, she voted that way, blah, blah, blah. You would think Dan Coats. Brad Ellsworth, Marlin Stutzman and Tom Hayhurst were the most evil people on earth. The major news outlets have made their choices making us think we should believe them out of their great and far reaching wisdom. Well, there really is a third party out there. It is We The People. And we can read, think, and decide on our own without an unnamed editor railing forth about whoever it is they endorse.

My choices are Marlin Stutzman for the 3rd Congressional District. Dan Coats for the United States Senate, Kathy Heuer for Indiana /State Representative, Doug Fahl for Whitley County Superior Court and if I lived in the Columbia City School District it would be Terry Smith, Herschel Lee Aumsbaugh and Richard W. Eckert.

For me, issues of life, out of control spending, border security, honesty and strict interpretation of law are platforms that guided my decisions.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have proven by their own statements they cannot be trusted. Brad Ellsworth voted with them the majority of time. On the issue of life the Associated Press reports fetal pain is now in play as opposed to viability outside the womb. In Nebraska US Senator Mike Johanns is pushing for federal discussion about fetal pain. In his proposed federal legislation it would require women seeking abortions after  twenty weeks to be told the fetus “could” feel pain and allow them to request anesthesia for the fetus. Imagine that! It can feel the pain of being ripped apart so let’s anesthetize it before we rip it apart. Next time you hear anyone say the woman has a right to choose, remember this. Maybe the fetus was a girl. Did she have the right to choose?

On fiscal responsibility I am going to hold Marlin and Dan accountable to get the federal budget under control. If they do not then I will become a fierce opponent next election cycle. Same goes for the southern border. Build the damn fence, send in the Marines and do whatever needs to be done to stop the drug and human trafficking. We are now lauding the bridge over the Hoover Dam but we can’t build a damn fence? Give me a break!

Kathy Heuer is my choice to replace Matt Bell. Any woman who has raised seven children owns a special set of management skills that will certainly serve us well in Indianapolis. You go girl! Terry Smith has drawn a lot of attention to the extravagant spending spree the Columbia City School Board has been on. The Eagle Tech thing is, well, it’s stupid. Check that out. And did the entire board have to go on that all expenses paid trip to California? Check that out, too. Terry would be more than happy to fill you in about what is going on in CC land.

But whatever you do, remember to vote. If our elected officials do not hear from you, then don’t whine when they do not do the will of the people.

Dave Cooper,


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