Vote for Stutzman

In identifying the most important issues all of us face, Marlin will strive to achieve improvements in health care, education, small business development, care for the elderly with emphasis on allowing each of us to make decisions on what is best for our own welfare, not what is decided in Washington. Emphasis on local control for towns and cities to govern themselves will be very much a part of Marlin’s agenda and his attention when he casts a vote as a member of the United States Congress.

However, the overriding issue is the fiscal irresponsibility and liberal spending policies of the O’Bama administration and the current Congress in Washington. We must turn this around and put our nation back to work in finding substantive jobs for our family breadwinners to support their families and provide education for the future well-being of our youth.

Marlin Stutzman is a fiscal conservative. He has an excellent record of encouraging fiscal responsibility during his years as a member of the Indiana General Assembly. Bringing back fiscal common sense is the first step in rescuing Indiana and this nation from its current economic woes. Marlin will be a leader in reversing the path where we now find ourselves in this greatest country in the world.

Utilizing his considerable experience and resources in both private and public service, Marlin Stutzman is best qualified to represent the citizens and families in Washington. We need a stronger and more credible voice in the United State Congress to represent District 3, and that voice is Marlin Stutzman.


Otis R. Bowen, M.D.

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