Vote for Hockemeyer

Although I am not currently living in Whitley County, I am writing to you now to ask the readers of your newspaper to give their thoughtful consideration and support to a worthy candidate running for Superior Court Judge in Whitley County.

In this era of such division between our two-party system, this year’s candidate, Greggory William Hockemeyer, presents voters with a clear opportunity to vote for the individual and  if necessary, to cross party lines for the best interest of the community.

I have known Greg, my nephew, all of his life, I have been proud of his integrity, his forthrightness, his honesty, his intellect and his transparency.  He has been a successful  attorney and administrator, a ‘make-a-difference’ community  leader and advocate, and a fair and equable negotiator and mediator.

He has further proven his ability to be a sitting judge by temporarily serving as such.  Many of you know the abilities of this candidate through his demonstrated work in your community.

Therefore, I ask of you, when you are in the privacy of the voting booth, please, think of the man for Superior Court Judge who will make the best decisions for your community.  Only you will know the choice you have made.

With best wishes for the future of Whitley County,

Marcia (Turpin) Beasley, MHA, LtCol U.S.Army, Retired

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