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Gregg grew up in Whitley County, graduated from Wabash College and earned his law degree from Indiana University. He returned to his home town in 1992 to practice law and is currently the managing partner of Myers, Tison, Hockemeyer, and McNagny.

In addition to his legal expertise, Gregg is an active volunteer and humanitarian in Whitley County. For eight years, he served on the board of directors for Somebody Cares of Whitley County, a not-for-profit organization assisting community members with affordable counseling. He served as President of the board several times. I served with Gregg on the Somebody Cares board, and I found him to be a tireless advocate for an organization where his experience and knowledge as an attorney was invaluable. He was able to see and carefully consider all aspects of a situation in order to arrive at a workable solution or plan.

Somebody Cares, Inc. is only one area in which Gregg serves his hometown. When there is a need for a volunteer or expert advice, Gregg makes himself available. He is a dedicated parent who understands the importance of a safe and nurturing community for all families and individuals.

A superior court judge must possess a common sense approach to problem solving and good judgment. Gregg exhibits both in abundance.

Linda Grawcock,

Columbia City

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