Vote early and often

A few things Congress did and did not do before leaving town were pretty meaningful. They did not pass a budget for the United States of America. However, they did pass the extremely important legislation called CALM. That is short for Commercial Advertisement Loudness Migration Act. That means advertisers have to control the level of sound on your television. I am so relieved! That always has driven me crazy, that darn sound. Thank you so much Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, (D) Rhode Island, Representative Anna Eshoo, (D) California and Senator Charles Schumer, (D) New York. My life is now complete, I can die easy knowing you were looking out for my hearing.

The budget thing is another matter. How could you leave town without passing a budget? Virtually everyone of you reading this sits down on payday and had to figure out who gets paid what. Do the lights and gas stay on or do we just tell NIPSCO and American Electric Power or REMC that you did not pass your budget and they will have to wait. I don’t think so.

Then there is that darned oil in the Gulf. ‘Shut’em down’ says Obama – so he did. On the other hand, let’s arrange  two billion, $2,000,000,000,000) dollar loan to Petrobras Oil Company of Brazil through EXIM bank so they can drill to 15,000 feet in the Gulf to sell us oil in Busco. We cannot drill to 5,000 feet but they can get two billion to go to 15,000. Aren’t we so lucky to be able to share the wealth?

By the way, are you thinking about selling your property? Better do it by January 1, 2011. You remember that “Health Care Bill?” The Apollo Alliance were the authors of that bill along with Andy Stearn of SEIU and Richard Trumpka, both powerful union bosses, not anyone in the House or Senate. Anyway, in order to share the wealth they included in the “Health Care Bill” a provision that will allow the Federal Government to assess a 3.6 percent sales tax on your property. Sort of like buying stuff at a retail outlet and paying seven percent tax on it. However, 3.6 percent of a property worth say $150,000 can add up. Or if you are thinking of selling a farm for say three or four hundred thousand remember to tack on 3.6 percent. It will make the feds happy. Regarding health care, remember when the current occupant said if you are happy with your coverage you can keep it? What if it becomes too expensive for your employer to keep and they drop it? That means no matter how happy you are you won’t keep it. Think back to when the sales tax in Indiana was implemented. Remember how much it was? Not seven percent. Once they start, they cannot stop.

Did you notice last week’s news coverage of the current occupant of the White House? Still trying to sell his socialist agenda on us. This time though he was doing it in backyard cook-outs with “the folks.” A very interesting thing about these events, if you looked closely, is that virtually every backyard had a fence! Every one of them. Rather than build a fence on our southern borders, he makes sure everywhere he goes there is a fence. I wonder if he will use the Department of Justice to sue these homeowners about their fences to keep the neighbors out!

Reader, you have less than thirty days to have an impact for or against your country. We are all subject to the political advertising business. Brad, Dan, Tom and Marlin at the federal level will be hitting the airwaves trying to make themselves appealing to you. Some of the ads will be fair, some will not. For many of us it will boil down to who represents best the values we subscribe to. Do you want more government intrusion in your life? Or less. Do you want the continued assault on the unborn to continue, or not? I refer to this as the American Holocaust without the gas chambers. Do you want less support in the foreign aid area, or more? It hasn’t bought us much so far.

This small town, Busco, has within a five mile radius about ten churches. Many more meet in home settings. Protecting the unborn, cutting spending and holding our elected officials accountable is a sacred priviledge. People the world over die to have what we have. Besides, if you vote and it does not turn out then throw the bums out in two years. If the conservatives do not do what they say, then they do not deserve another turn. If the progressives prevail then prepare to share the wealth. Judy, Nila, Dick, Bobby and Michelle, Janet, Norm and every business owner in this town, look out.

Please, please, please vote. Too bad we don’t have that Chicago thing going in Busco! You can vote early and often, even if you’re dead! Please make sure Churubusco counts on 11-2-10.

Dave Cooper,


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