South Side Champs

Volleyball ~ Lady Eagles South Side Champs

The Eagles took the first set 25-20 but then lost their first set of the day 25-17 to the Bulldogs. In the final set the score was tied at 13 all and then the Lady Eagles scored the next two points to give them the Championship. The last point was a serving ace by Lacey Pulley, who had 11 aces on the day and was named to the All-Tournament team following the ceremonies. Joining her on the All-Tournament team was freshman Alisha Farner, who had 29 kills on the day.  

“It is an honor to have two players on the All-Tournament team,” commented Coach Goings. “But we truly did this as a team. We are playing great team ball and I am so pleased because the girls just keep working in practice and it is showing up in games. It’s just awesome.”

The Eagles opened up pool play against Peru winning in 2 straight sets, 25-20, 25-12.  Stats:  Aces:  Lacey Pulley-4, Gabby Jones-3, Brooke Herendeen-1, Morgan Young-1, Assists:  Brooke Herendeen-11, Lacey Pulley-10, Blocks:  Heather Monk-1, Lacey Pulley-1, Morgan Young-1, Digs: Lacey Pulley-8, Morgan Young-8, Gabby Jones-6, Chandler Blake-5, Brooke Herendeen-2, Heather Monk-2, Alisha Farner-1, Kills:  Alisha Farner-11, Heather Monk-6, Danielle Pippenger-6, Brooke Herendeen-2, Lacey Pulley-2, Morgan Young-2.

Busco won the second match in pool play over South Side also in two, 25-17, 25-17. Stats for the match: Aces:  Brooke Herendeen-3, Lacey Pulley-3,Assists: Lacey Pulley-10, Brooke Herendeen-8, Blocks: Heather Monk-4, Morgan Young-1, Digs: Morgan Young-8, Gabby Jones-6, Chandler Blake-5, Brooke Herendeen-3, Danielle Pippenger-3, Lacey Pulley-3, Emma Frericks-2, Kills: Heather Monk-8, Danielle Pippenger-7, Alisha Farner-2, Brooke Herendeen-1.

In the semifinal match of the tournament, Busco took on host South Side for the second time of the day.  Busco handled the Archers in two straight sets 25-14 and 25-23.  Aces:  Brooke Herendeen, Gabby Jones, Lacey Pulley- 1 each, Assists:  Brooke Herendeen-10, Lacey Pulley-9, Blocks:  Heather Monk-3, Digs:  Morgan Young-9, Lacey Pulley-8, Brooke Herendeen-7, Chandler Blake-6, Danielle Pippenger-6, Gabby Jones-4, Heather Monk-3, Emma Frericks-2, Alisha Farner-1, Kills:  Danielle Pippenger-11, Alisha Farner-6, Morgan Young-3, Heather Monk-2, Brooke Herendeen-1, Katie Monk-1.

Leading Busco in the stats for the championship match over New Haven were:  Aces:  Lacey Pulley-3, Morgan Young-2, Brooke Herendeen-1, Assists:  Lacey Pulley-12, Brooke Herendeen-10, Blocks:  Heather Monk-4, Danielle Pippenger-3, Morgan Young-2, Digs:  Morgan Young-18, Lacey Pulley-13, Chandler Blake-12, Danielle Pippenger-11, Brooke Herendeen-10, Gabby Jones-7, Alisha Farner-5, Heather Monk-3, Emma Frericks-1, Kills: Heather Monk-11, Alisha Farner-10, Danielle Pippenger-4.  

Busco now stands at 11-5.  They host Canterbury on Wednesday and West Noble on Thursday.


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