U.S. Troops and the Mexican border

The African nations have had their share of these types of despots forever. Butchering their own much the same as animals are butchered in slaughter houses here in America is a normal everyday happening over there. Decapitations, genital mutilation, hands, arms and legs being chopped off in public. People being buried up to their necks, then stoned in a public square. Nice stuff.

Earlier in the year the current occupant of the White House took it upon himself to set in motion action to rid the African country of Libya of another nut case dictator. No Congressional approval, just start bombing. Africa seems to be a fixation with the current occupant. Perhaps to sanctify his roots.

All of this nation building all over the globe, and we cannot find the troops available to secure our own southern border. It is difficult to put a number on the murdered citizens of Mexico, but some sources put the number at between 30,000, and 40,000. But what the heck, ten thousand here, ten thousand there, what’s a few more bodies? The problem they have keeping track is that the drug cartels just dig big holes in the ground and dump a few hundred dead, and sometimes not dead bodies in, and cover them up.

I have a simple question of our Congressional delegation from Indiana. That would be Senators Richard Lugar, and Dan Coats, and Representative Marlin Stutzman. With the troop withdrawal from Iraq, and with the abundance of reservists at home, why cannot we station several thousand troops on the southern border, say about 100 yards apart, armed and ready to shoot? End of problem.

Of course, those entering the United States have a lot at stake. They can become voters for the left. Ah, I answered my own question. Voters!

While our border agents are getting killed, our citizens live in fear on their own property, we are sending troops to Uganda. It is my conviction that our Congressional delegation stop talking and do something. For far too long we have been left out of the equation. It is now time that we, the citizens of Indiana, demand, in writing, Senators Lugar, and Coats, and Representative Stutzman initiate legislation to secure our own damned border. If you agree, write them. If you don’t thank God Almighty you live in Churubusco, and not in El Paso, Texas or Nogales, Arizona. Uganda or El Paso? Libya, or Nogales? Common sense? Zero.

Dave Cooper,


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