Unsung Heroes

That being said there are those who worked so very hard to see that the job really got done. Actually, it took over five years for the committee to make the splash pad a reality. The committee members tried to fulfill Paul’s dream of a pool for Churubusco but without additional financial support it was not possible.

The committee had approximately 50 meetings, spending countless hours in those meetings, making phone calls and traveling to investigate other facilities, some even out of state. A tremendous amount of research went into making sure they were using Paul’s gift in the most effective way possible. All of the time and effort along with out of pocket money for gas and supplies resulted in no one accepting compensation or reimbursement. Every committee member was 110 percent dedicated for the best result possible for the Churubusco community.

So if you should happen to pass by any of these good folks, would you please give them a pat on the back and tell them how much you appreciate their loving service to our wonderful community: Susan Cseri, Liz Schemm, Cathy Petrie, Gina Ramsey, Monica Trump, Tanya Young, and Lucas Konger.

Don Page,


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