Turtle Town lives up to reputation

I had the privilege of covering Churubusco football games this season. This was my first time covering the Eagles football team. Being from Fort Wayne, I always heard that Turtle Town was crazy about its football. I can now say that the town truly fits the bill for that reputation.

My time covering the football team is everything I hoped for. The fans always packed the stands. The students always stood and made noise on third downs.

I especially enjoyed my time on the field alongside the team. A good football team never lacks intensity, and there was plenty of it on the sidelines. Head Coach Paul Sade was poised and focused, and took the time to encourage individual players. Assistant coach Zach Dock was probably the most animated and entertaining on the Churubusco sideline. Dock’s level of intensity is likely the reason the football team is as fiery as it is. Dock’s effort in the weight room has no doubt helped the Eagles— the players were strong and hardly ever missed a tackle.

Sade is a world-class coach win or lose. He always answered my questions in detail and handled even difficult situations with the same poise everyone sees on the sideline.

The Churubusco offense wasn’t afraid to put the ball in the air. Quarterback Tom Richards could sling the ball, and the Eagles took advantage. Not every high school team is confident in what they have under center, but the Eagles were comfortable with their guy. The running game was no slouch either. The rushing attack left most teams’ heads spinning.

Churubusco only lost one game in the regular season and lost a close game to Adams Central to end the season last week. As expected from our Eagles, they fought hard until the very last second. No one does football like Turtle Town.

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