Turtle Days questions Council proposal

“What do you want from us,” asked Turtle Days President Tracey Bultemeier. “We have a hard time with you suggesting we will be charged to use the park.”

Kessler said that the Town  has been setting up contracts with organizations and groups that use the park and the Turtle Days proposal falls along those lines. He went on to say that the Town averaged the monthly bills over the last three years for the month of June and realized the park was losing money during that period.

“Do we want to have Turtle Days or not,” asked Turtle Days Board Secretary Vince McEntee. “If you want to close Turtle Days then keep it going (the rental proposal) the way it is.”

Kessler responded to McEntee by telling him Turtle Days raises $10,000 for fireworks but doesn’t want to cover its expenses for the week of Turtle Days. “The object isn’t to put you out of business, just cover the park expenses.”

Council member John Hart told the crowd that the Council is just trying to get the park to break even.

Council member Lea Ann Herron said that she wasn’t aware of the email that was sent and therefore wasn’t sure where she stood on the issue. “We have to protect town funds,” she said. She did say she was in favor of exploring other fundraising events for the park.

The Council decided to do nothing on the proposal at this time and re-visit it in a future meeting.

In other Council news:

• The Council tabled the 2012 salary ordinance due to questions from Lea Ann Herron about comp time versus time and a half pay. The Council has until the end of the year to pass the ordinance.

• Murray Asphalt was awarded the bid to construct a new road on Mill Street from Old Mill Place east to the county line for $32,700. The roadwork is necessary because of new water lines in the area.

The next regular scheduled Council meeting is on Wednesday, December 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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