Trust no Republican in the Statehouse

I have known his medical volunteerism and fights for fellow veterans and those among us that find themselves in tough times. He is sensitive to the needs of all members of the district, Republican and Democrat. Let the nightmares of Tom Delay and the taint of the Souder debacle be gone.

In statehouse races, the lies of the Governor are unforgivable. After a 17 percent sales tax increase and promise to fund our schools; after selling off the toll road and privatizing the welfare system we now see rate increases and welfare failures that are unprecedented. After the election of his puppet School Superintendent Bennet, in the midst of the recession, education funding was gutted and many high schools find class sizes of 35 being normal. With Republicans leading the way to making property tax funding impossible, our businesses and farmers will soon bear the most burden. With state unemployment funds now owing Washington nearly two billion dollars, this sure sounds like the same Bush budget director that said Iraq would cost only $90 billion, oil would pay for it and then gave us a $500 billion deficit budget before moving back to Indiana. He fires the Utility Commission Chairman but keeps the Welfare Chief, now Economic Development Director, that engineered the welfare mess, won’t explain where he got Indiana’s job numbers and then can’t explain the increasing budget problems. A Republican House would destroy the rest of what’s left.

No voter should trust ANY Republican in the statehouse.

Fred Gilbert, Fort Wayne

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