Trail assistants needed

Some of the things you would be doing are 1. Planning the route. 2. Working with the County and/or landowners in securing the land. 3. Developing a website. 4. Working with the media. 5. Funding through grants and donations. 6. Finding and working with community volunteers. 7. Seeking not-for-profit status. 8. Be willing to work with others such as trail members, Town, park and other lay people. 8. Desire to see our trail connect to others as a network. 9. Working toward a common goal of health, exercise and family values. 10. Have good ethical values that can lead to strong community ties.

If you have one or more of these qualities and you would have the desire to volunteer in helping with this great asset to the community, you may contact Rick Krider, Park Superintendent at 693-1551 and leave your name and number. We will then contact you in the near future as we put this group together.


Rick Krider,

Churubusco Community Park Superintendent

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