Town will continue sidewalk program

By Nicole Minier

CHURUBUSCO — The town of Churubusco will bring back its 50/50 sidewalk program this year after a break for the winter.

Clerk-Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl discussed at February’s first Town Council meeting that she is obtaining quotes for sidewalk replacement, which will begin in spring, weather permitting.

At that time, three people had signed up and 17 more were held over from last year — they didn’t get done before the weather turned.

“When they are caught up, we will take more applications,” Sade-Bartl said.

Stu Reister told the town he would like to continue replacing the sidewalks.

“Back when there was snow on the ground, he stopped by and asked how soon he could start,” Sade-Bartl said.

In other news:

• The house at 307 Mulberry Street was demolished. Sade-Bartl reported that a lien was placed on the property because the owners had not paid for the demolition.

• Town Marshal Mike Engle said his new squad car for 2017 would be arriving soon — much quicker than last year’s car, which wasn’t delivered until nearly the end of the year.

• Rick Krider, park superintendent, said the new restrooms at the splash pad were completed, and park employees were finishing the project with touch-up paint.

• The Town Council approved an ordinance for back flow prevention for the water department. Officials said the ordinance is required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the town hasn’t had any issues with back flow in the water system.

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